Corsair VOID Surround Gaming Headset Review

Setup & Software
Getting the headset setup is really easy. If you are doing to be using it with a device that has a 3.5 mm connection just plug it in and you are good to go. Now if you will be using it on PC with the Dolby Headphone USB adapter just plug in the adapter and connect the headset to it. When you connect the headset to your PC Windows will automatically install the required drivers and the headset will show up in your audio devices.

In order to customize your sound settings and enable Dolby Headphone you will need to download Corsair’s CUE software. One you have CUE installed and you open it the only thing you can really change is the audio settings under the profiles tab.


Here you can enable Dolby Surround by clicking on the little headset icon below the microphone and sidetone level bars. There are also five different preset EQ modes which are Pure Direct, Bass Boost, FPS Competition, Clear Chat, and Movie Theater.


You can also go into advanced mode and change the EQ to your liking. You also have the ability to save and import different EQ settings. When Dolby Headphone is enabled the LED on the USB adapter will light up.

Corsair VOID Surround Gaming Headset

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