Gigabyte X99P-SLI Motherboard Review

Lately we have seen a second wave of X99 motherboards from multiple manufacturers. This second wave adds new features, many of which we saw with the introduction of the Z170 chipset. Gigabyte is one such manufacturer who is releasing new X99 motherboards. Today we will be taking a look at their X99P-SLI. The biggest feature of this motherboard is that it features the world’s 1st USB-IF certified Intel USB 3.1 controller with USB Type-C. This controller utilizes 4 PCIe Gen3 lanes, offering up to 32 Gb/s total bandwidth. Other new features on this board include an M.2 interface with up to 32Gb/s data transfer and NVMe support, PCI-Express metal shielding, and a multiple color LED trace path. Of course being a Gigabyte X99 motherboard you get the Ultra Durable design, an all digital power design with IR Digital PWM and IR PowIRstage ICs, 4-way graphics support, Realtek ALC1150 115dB SNR HD audio, and more! As you can see this motherboard is loaded with features so let’s jump in and see what it’s all about!

Special thanks to Gigabyte for providing us with the X99P-SLI Motherboard to review.

– World’s 1st USB-IF Certified Intel® USB 3.1 Controller with USB Type-C™
– PCIe Gen3/Gen2 x4 M.2 interface with up to 32Gb/s Data Transfer (PCIe NVMe SSD support)
– Supports New Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition
– Support for DDR4 XMP up to 3333MHz
– Genuine All Digital Power Design with IR Digital PWM & IR PowIRstage® ICs
– 4-Way Graphics with Premium PCIe Lane
– Realtek ALC1150 115dB SNR HD Audio with built-in Rear Audio Amplifier
– Independent Right and Left Audio Channel PCB Layers
– High-end Nichicon Audio Capacitors
– Audio Noise Guard with Multi-Color Choices of LED Trace Path Lighting
– All Stainless Steel connectors on rear panel
– SATA Express support for up to 10 Gb/s data transfer
– Long lifespan Durable Black™ Solid caps
– APP Center including EasyTune™ and Cloud Station™ utilities
– Safer Design Around Screw Mounting Holes
– Feature Upgrade Possible support

The X99P-SLI comes in Gigabyte’s typical retail packaging. On the front it advertises the Ultra Durable design and lets us know it is indeed the X99P-SLI.

Gigabyte X99P-SLI Motherboard

Flipping over to the back it goes into detail on some of the main features of the board. There is also a full list of specifications as well as overview of the I/O ports on the board.

Gigabyte X99P-SLI Motherboard

As far as accessories go with the X99P-SLI you have 4 SATA cables, an SLI bridge, CrossFire connector, miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, I/O shield, user’s manual, driver and utility CD, and a multilingual installation guidebook. Two DisplayPort cables? This are to be used with your graphics card to plug into the DisplayPort-IN on the rear I/O of this board. This way you can use the USB 3.1 Type-C port on the board for a display.

Gigabyte X99P-SLI Motherboard

For a full unboxing and overview of the X99P-SLI be sure to check out our video below.

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