Cougar Phontum Gaming Headset Review

Final Thoughts
After spending time with the Cougar Phontum Gaming Headset I am actually surprised it is only $49 at our favorite online retailer. At this price the headset is extremely well made with its steel frame and over-sized earcups. In addition to that you have 53 mm dual-chamber drivers that really pack and punch. When playing games you really feel like you are in the action and listening to music is quite enjoyable as well.

Cougar said that this headset was “created for those who want to enjoy great audio in long gaming sessions” and that definitely holds true. It is very comfortable, I used this headset during multiple 2+ hour long sessions of Fortnite and even longer video editing sessions. The large memory foam earpads are comfortable on your ears and I did not notice any strain on the top of my head at all, even though the pad on the headband is pretty small. Also the large earpads give you some noise-cancelling properties, which allow you to truly immerse yourself in the game you are playing.

Cougar does include a small set of earpads to use with mobile devices etc, but really this is an at-home headset. The headset is big, does not come with a traveling case, and does not fold down or anything. Those are things you look for in a mobile headset and this headset just does not have them, which is just fine we consider this mainly a PC headset, but you can use it with a mobile device if you wish.

With PC use you have the in-line controller which allows you to adjust the volume and mute the microphone. It would have been nice to have these controls on the main cable (they are only on the PC adapter), but we understand why they are not.

If you are looking in the $50 price range this headset definitely has to be at the top of your list, it is just that good. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cougar Phontum Gaming Headset a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award.

rating9 10 TC award goodValue

– Solid, powerful sound
– Extremely comfortable
– Price
– 2 sets of earpads included
– Simplicity (no RGB’s etc)

– Could be too large for some
– Volume control only on PC adatper

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