Cougar SX850 850W Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts
Well what can we say about the Cougar SX850?  Before we get into performance let’s talk about its design and styling.  The SX850 has to be ones of the most stylish power supplies I have looked at in quite a while.  The black and red colors really make it stand out and the colors on the cables are really cool.  They will definitely be noticed if you have a window on your case.  Another thing to mention is that the included Velcro ties that are included have the Cougar logo on them, which is pretty cool.

We all know looks are not everything so how did the SX850 perform?  It was pretty stable with some fluctuations in the rails, but within the 5% we like to see.  The 5V rail did undervolt, but not by much.  Out of all the rails the 12V rail was the most impressive staying completely stable through most of the test.

Currently I cannot find this power supply for sale anywhere online.  850W power supplies sell from $129-170 at my favorite online retailer so if the SX850 would sell in between that it would definitely be a good deal.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cougar SX850 850W Power Supply a 9 out of 10 score.

– Stylish design
– Good performance especially the 12V rail
– Modular cables
– Temperature controlled fan

– Availability

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