Could Intel Comet Lake Desktop Processors be Delayed Till June?

A new report has it the web that suggests that Intel’s upcoming Comet Lake-S desktop processors might be pushed back till June. Many people, including us have expected a April launch date or at least an announcement in April. Also if we look at all of the recent leaks it is safe to say that the launch is coming very soon. However, a new slide for the 10th generation desktop processors has been leaked and it has a “Press News Embargo” date of April 13 – June 26th on it.

intel delay 1

Now April 13th does sound like it is right around the time we would have expected the chips to launch. Although we are not exactly sure why the June 26th date is on there as well. Some have suggested that this long release period could be because of Coronavirus. If board partners cannot produce motherboards in time then it would not make sense for Intel to release on April 13th. Although, with such a long lead up time we sort of expect that board partners are ready to go with their motherboards.

Another theory is that Intel might announce certain processors on April 13th, and then follow those up with other processors in the product stack through June 26th.

From the leaks we’ve seen we are expecting over twenty 10th-generation Come Lake-S desktop chips including the 10-core, 20-thread Core i9-10900K, which will effectively replace the Core i9-9900K.

Via TechSpot

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