Create A EMF-Free Environment For Yourself

Everyone’s talking about EMFs. How should you protect yourself from it? And, of course, how EMFs are to be found everywhere?

The very best place to start is to first understand what are EMFs?

Electric and Magnetic Fields, also known as EMFs are to be found everywhere.

EMFs are naturally generated in our bodies from nerve and muscle activity. In fact, we even experience the magnetic field of Earth as well as that of the environment.

But, these EMFs are natural and have curative powers. There are, of course, EMFs generated from man-made sources, too. And, it is these EMFs that are harmful not just for humans, but for animals and the environment too.

So, what are those man-made sources that emit EMFs?

Well, be ready to be horrified. Small to large appliances, Wi-Fi, laptops, cell phones, television, even your electric meter. And, these are just in your home.

The conundrum gets more jumbled when you step out of the house.

But, before we can discuss how you can keep yourself protected from these harmful force fields, let’s understand why these fields are dangerous?

EMFs, like cell phone radiation, cause damage at a cellular level. Many scientific studies have shown that EMFs can cause DNA damage, cell membrane damage, even loss of calcium ions. These are naming just a few negative effects of EMFs on the cellular level.

The damage caused by EMFs results in cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, brain tumors, depression, diabetes, heart problems, anxiety, and many degenerative muscular disorders.

Now would be a good time to discuss what you can do to protect yourself from EMFs?

There are ways you can mitigate the effects of EMFs pollution. And, if you do manage to minimize electrical sensitivity, you are bound to improve your well-being.

Buy EMF Protection Case for Your Devices

It isn’t just your cell phone that emits radiation. You need to take care, as your laptop and Ipad does the same thing. And, the only way to stop the radiation is to get EMF shields.

For example, the laptop radiation shields at EMF Risks that you buy for your laptop makes it safe for you to work with your laptop for long hours. It’s even safe for your kids after the radiation shield has been put into place.

Avoid Body Contact With Your Devices

There are many who sleep with their cellphones under their pillow or work with the laptop in their laps. Even after putting the EMF shields in place, it’s still a good idea to avoid body contact with these devices.

And, it’s smart to keep your device at a distance of six feet while sleeping. Also, do turn off the WiFi to minimize EMF pollution.

Get Grounded

Just walking around on the ground, particularly with your shoes off and on green pastures helps your body absorb the Earth’s negatively-charged electrons. This is known as ‘Earthing’ and it allows your body to detoxify.

Also, keeping some healing crystals around the house as well as some indoor plants to have a positive effect on your health and energy.

In Conclusion

It’s impossible to get all EMF-causing electrical devices out of your life. However, there are certain precautions you can take that will help you go a long way EMF-free.