How to Get Free Cases in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The popularity of Counter Strike Global Offensive is undeniable. The game attracts thousands of players daily. It has reached a new milestone this year: the number of users in-game at the same time reached 901,681 in February 2020.

CS:GO boasts a broad community of single-minded people, who crave not only a bloody battle but also in-game resources. You could even say that items are connected with players’ reputations. A combination of rare skins and outstanding fighting skills gives the impression of a dedicated pro.

While everyone wants to get unique finishes or knives, acquiring these items can be problematic. You can buy whatever you want in the shop, but it requires a lot of resources (essentially money). A more affordable solution is cases, which give you a chance of acquiring a precious item at a lower price.

CS:GO Cases: What Can You Get?

If you are new to the world of gaming, the term case is probably unknown to you. In a nutshell, it’s a box that can be opened for free or with a key (online in CS:GO) and drops items. In CS:GO, crates can contain skins for weapons, knives, and other resources. They are sorted according to value: from normal (low value) to rare (high value).

Basically, cases are a lottery, through which you have a chance to receive more valuable items at a lower price. A key con is that you can never know whether the odds will be in your favor or not. There is no logic that can help you predict what a crate will contain.

CS:GO cases can be free, but some require keys to open. The price usually determines the chances of receiving a more valuable item: more expensive cases contain more precious resources. CS GO Free Case is more lucrative in terms of pricing; you don’t have to pay at all! They can also drop, for instance, rare skins. Let’s take a closer look at how to find and open these free treasure chests.

How to Receive a Free Case?

CS:GO is famous for its trading community. Players can exchange items not only in the game but also on a special platform. The same applies to cases and keys. The platforms try to increase their appeal to users by offering a CS:GO free case.

Although some perceive the free case as a lure for a player to try a platform, it’s a win-win situation. The platform has the potential to attract a new member to their community, whilst the player gets to receive some free stuff. Even if it’s not a hypebeast skin or a knife, you can still sell rare items to other players or use them yourself.

The free cases can differ in terms of what you have to do to open them. Sometimes, a player has to meet certain requirements. Here are several tips on how you can receive a drop from a free treasury box.


  1. As a Free Gift – Some platforms offer a free case as a bonus when you buy one. This way, you get two at the cost of one, which is definitely beneficial for your wallet. However, read the terms of receiving the reward. You may need to fulfill some other conditions as well.
  2. Giveaways – This is another way you can receive the reward. The rules are the same as always: you qualify for participation, and then, if you are the lucky one, the case is all yours.
  3. Promotions – These can be anything from participating in questionnaires, rating the platform, sharing a promo code with friends, and many, many more. Usually, taking advantage of promotions is a pretty easy way to receive a free drop.
  4. Sign-in Bonus – The name speaks for itself: you sign in and get a reward. Usually, registration doesn’t require more than your name, in-game account, and email.
  5. After Deposit – Different platforms set different rules. Some require daily deposits before they provide a free case every day; others limit the sum necessary for you to receive the reward.
  6. Completely for Free – Yes, this is one of the options. There are services that offer cases completely for free. However, there are not many of them, and you should beware of scams.
  7. In Exchange for Points – The system is simple: you receive bonuses for certain actions (like inviting friends, buying cases, etc.), which you can exchange for a free case once you’ve collected enough.

As you can see, there are many ways to get a free case with a lucrative drop inside. However, a single platform may not support all of them. Also, remember to check the terms and conditions before selecting a certain method. More conditions could be applied.

How to Use Items from Cases?

Once you have received the desired free case, it’s time to figure out how to transfer the item to your inventory. Reliable platforms usually provide a detailed manual on how to do so. Usually, all you have to do is provide your account data.

One of the most widely used methods involves a Steam account. You need to provide your Steam trade URL, pass a Google Captcha step, and complete a trade-off. The final step is to accept the trade in Steam.

Summing Up

Getting the free case in Counter Strike Global Offensive isn’t that hard. All you have to do is to find a reliable platform that offers favorable conditions that are suitable for you. There is a great variety of them, from platforms which offer crates completely for free to those that require a deposit. May the odds in your favor when you open the free treasury box you so desire!