Das Keyboard Expands Q-Series Family, Launches 4Q Smart RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Switches

Das Keyboard today announced the launch of the 4Q mechanical keyboard, the first Cherry MX-based keyboard in the company’s Q-series family of smart, cloud-connected keyboards that empower users to increase productivity by changing the color of its keys from information coming from the Internet.

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The new gold standard for mechanical keyboards, the Das Keyboard 4Q takes the company’s flagship mechanical keyboard-the Das Keyboard 4 Professional-to the next level by adding in the Q technology and RGB lighting. Concurrent with the 4Q launch is the introduction of Das Keyboard’s Q marketplace for applets, a place where users can share and download free and open source Q applets.

The Q marketplace applets for keyboards can be used to provide an easier way to set up commonly-used notifications. The applets are open source to tap into the passionate developer community that has formed around Das Keyboard’s Q software.

The Das Keyboard 4Q uses best-in-class Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches that have a soft, tactile bump along with a low actuation force (45g). The Soft Pressure Point switch technology makes the 4Q mechanical keyboard a perfect tool for the work environment while providing an engaging tactile experience.

Key hardware features in the Das Keyboard 4Q include:

  • A Q button for activating the Das Keyboard Q smart software;
  • Individually controlled RGB lights on each key;
  • Brightness and media controls, plus an oversized volume knob;
  • Full n-key rollover with 100 percent anti-ghosting and for multi-key press capability;
  • Extra-long braided cable (2m, 6.5ft.) for better cable management; and
  • An instant-sleep button to save the planet.

The Das Keyboard Q marketplace for applets, which is available across all Q-series keyboards, provides users with the simplest way to get important information straight to their keyboard creating a visual dashboard. Use case examples and other features of the Q-enabled keyboard include:

  • Tracking stocks in real time;
  • Monitoring CPU activity;
  • Checking the weather forecast;
  • Tracking the status of projects, pending deadlines and tasks over time;
  • Control of IoT devices, such as turning up the temperature or dimming the lights; and
  • Receiving virtually any other kind of information an individual wants to track without ever opening a browser through the Q keyboard’s fully-customizable keys.

The Das Keyboard Q software also includes:

  • A dashboard for real-time key color visualization of information coming from the Internet into the Q-series keyboard, made possible by the Q marketplace applets, IFTTT, Zapier or any other cloud applications with a public API;
  • Mode illumination, which allows the Q-enabled keyboard’s LEDs to be individually controlled;
  • User-defined lighting profiles; and
  • A desktop REST API that allows programmers to directly control the light colors with their own scripts.

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“The tried and true performance of the Das Keyboard 4 combined with the new Q marketplace for applets makes the 4Q an extraordinary tool that empowers users to operate at their highest level anytime they’re in front of their keyboard,” said Daniel Guermeur, founder and CEO of Das Keyboard. “There is no substitute for owning the only smart mechanical keyboard of its kind on the market. It is the fundamental brain-computer interface, the mind-machine connection-the direct connection between our brain and Internet-connected services and devices. The 4Q craftsmanship is amazing, and combining it with Q applets creates a unique productivity tool.”

Pricing and Availability

The Das Keyboard 4Q is available for purchase for $199 at www.daskeyboard.com and leading online retailers. The 4Q with European layouts (DE, UK and NO) will be available in Europe from leading retailers for €199. The original Das Keyboard 4 also will remain part of the company’s product line of high-performance mechanical keyboards.

For additional details on the Das Keyboard 4Q, please visit www.daskeyboard.com/4Q.

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