Deepcool AS500 CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts

When I first saw this CPU cooler I was a little bit worried about performance since the tower was so thin, but to my surprise the cooler performed quite well! In our testing it was around 10 degrees cooler than AMD’s Wraith Prism RGB CPU cooler, which is really impressive! On top of that it does not sound like a jet engine taking off, like the Wraith Prism does. During load we recorded a noise level of only 44 for the AS500 while the Wraith Prism sounded like it was blasting off with a noise level of 55.9!

On top of good performance this is one of the easiest CPU coolers what we’ve installed lately. For AM4 installation all you really have to do is remove the default AMD mounting clips, install the Deepcool ones, and place the cooler on top of the CPU. It literally will take less than 10 minutes and it can be done easily inside your case.

As I mentioned this CPU cooler is pretty thin, that means you really won’t run into any clearance issues with memory or anything like that. The height of the cooler could be an issues with some cases as it is 164mm tall. Many cases will only support CPU coolers as tall as 160mm so you want to keep that in mind.

The ARGB lighting on the top of cooler is nice and subtle, which I actually prefer. You can connect the cooler to an ARGB header on your motherboard and it works with all major motherboard RGB software. What is nice is that Deepcool does include their own RGB controller if by chance your motherboard does not have an ARGB header or you prefer to not use software.

Right now you can pick up the AS500 at our favorite online retailer for $59.99, which we feel is a fair price. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Deepcool AS500 CPU Cooler a 9 out of 10 score.

– Good performance
– Easy installation
– 100% memory clearance
– Not loud
– Subtle RGB lighting
– RGB controller included

– Height of 164mm could be an issue for some cases

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