Deepcool Maelstrom 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
Boy do I find myself with a conundrum here. On the one hand what we have is an excellent cooler than excels at whisking away heat from your CPU and lets you push your rig to it’s limits and game all day. It is easy to install aside from some sticky screws and the components included are great. Best yet you get all of this at a rumored price of $105.99 USD (not yet on the market).

On the other hand the wicked whine the pump produces is unacceptable. And like the 120 version the 240 lacks the fit and finish that we’ve come to expect from other manufacturers. It’s nice but does not employ some of the more luxurious materials that make you feel that a product is great.

Overall would like to award the DeepCool Maelstrom 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler an 8 out of 10 score!

– Great performance
– Great price
– Ease of use
– Excellent fans

– High pitched pump whine
– Medium quality fit and finish