NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case Review

Every since the Phantom was introduced a few years back NZXT has enjoyed some great success and even greater popularity. Their combination of award winning style at near budget pricing has been a big hit for the company and with good reason. The style of 80 percent of these cases are stellar and the prices doesn’t break the bank. This combination of “better for less” is what makes NZXT one of the leaders in computer case manufacturers but NZXT has not always enjoyed the great popularity that it receives now. Things have changed from the budget mundane cases of the past to the stylish and smart cases that they have churned out as of these later few years.

In this instance, we will be looking closely at the (CA-S340W-W1) in short the NZXT S340 / White Edition. Its boxy look’s are nice and practically chocked full of all the ideas that professional “Mod Men of the past” have been custom building and crafting into their own builds for years. In fact, this author was given an opportunity to patent one of these ideas featured in this very case many moons ago, but I was lazy and I passed on the occasion. Well no one is perfect I guess, including this lazy reviewer. The great abundance of flare and near modder’s styling makes this NZXT S340 the “Box that Rocks” and as you can see this reviewer is a fan already, but not all of us see things the same way, so let’s get this NZXT party started.

S340W Specs


“Three lock box” from a song by Sammy Hagar comes to mind with the NZXT S340 packaging. The first box was dirty and thrown around and a little worn for wear but it was almost rectangular still and that is always good in the shipping business. The first of the three boxes is the outer cocoon that layers the outer portion of the exoskeleton of the NZXT S340 during shipping.

Outer box

I really expected a picture of the case and some printing on this inner box but that is the secret of NZXT’s success. They don’t use what they don’t need and if you thought you might get a pre-show on the second box well you only get a nice clean shiny box with a white label with all the identification of the unit inside. The NZXT S340 packaging was not done at the time of this review so a plain brown box was used for their shipping us the box. Later versions will be retail store ready with plenty of marketing on the outside of the box. But for now we get the plain. Actually I like the plain but marketing trumps my opinion every time.

Box Side

Since this is a brand new case we got just the super simple label and I like it like that. It has the full model number with the color clearly labeled, the EAN, and UPC barcode and the all important serial number of the case that lay in wait on the inside. This is the second of the three lock boxes. “So you want some more? Well, I do.”

Box label

The third part of the triad of the box that waits under this very thick and higher grade than usual Styrofoam shell. If you find this layer of styro broken or disturbed then pick up the phone or go on the internet(s) and get the RMA number fast; because this thing is packed so tight that if you find this Styrofoam damaged the carrier probably used this box for batting practice.

Styro and Plastic covered

Actually, what I am finding as a new reviewer and a long time modder/builder is that not all plastic wraps are made the same. There is the thinnest which is usually less the thickness of cheap sandwich bag covering your PB and J, (not this one), then there is the sandwich bag (not like this one either) and then the “right” wrap” (This one is the right one) and then there is the ultimate cover I like to call “the body bag”. This one is the not the body bag but it is the right one. The kind that is thicker than most and will survive a long life into the nzxt century, pardon the pun; but if you want to toss it then one could always haul all the parts boxes from your build and accessories that you don’t want or need anymore. and then the you can dump your garbage from the kitchen waste basket into the bag and not be afraid of a leak and yes… even make it to the curb without tearing, but no… It’s not a body bag. Those are left to the hefty cases

Plastic Wrapped

The plastic self sticking covering over both sides of the side panel window is designed to not leave anything but an incredible static charge of electrical juice after you take it off and you are liable to get pulled toward it if you pull it off too fast or at least short out your home’s electrical panel. No, its not that bad but the plastic is that static cling siding so be sure to touch something grounded before you mess with the motherboard or processor because the static is enough to disturb the cat lounging in the other room.

Side window view plastic covered

In all seriousness, I joke because I wanted to explain, in a comical view, that the NZXT CA-S340W-W1 is very nicely packed and beautiful to see as you see the last of the three lock boxes. This last box is the important case and one that you will be proud to display and your friends will definitely have a Jones for your new NZXT S340 Mid tower case.

Case Un wrapped

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