NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case Review

Inner features of the Case

Most of us know that what is inside is the most important for a human. What lies inside the heart of the person and the computer case really defines what a person or a case really is. You can have the most beautiful shell in the World on the outside, but if the insides are faulty or if they are not properly defined with good then the worst parts out weigh the outer shell and the beauty is just a disguise for an ugliness that hides just past the outer shell.

This is not the case with the NZXT S340 Mid-tower computer case. The beauty and function of this case is the same inside and out. Good and very well engineered and designed with the best intentions and done in such a budget minded manner that it should get an award for one of the best cases of this year.

front bezel removed

With the front cover removed you can see that the side panels overlap the front of the case to give that closed clean appeal that this case could surly soon be famous for.

Cover front side

This is a great shot to illustrate the simplistic and genius engineering that comes with this low cost case. This case is perfect for the newest and best boards out there because of the pure custom engineering that makes front radiator, covered drives and power supply a natural thing. Every part of this case has been specifically cut and ventilated in a way to make this case as efficient as it is Zen on the outside shell.

front and side panel removed

The front comes with a bottom slot hinged magnetically fixed front dust vent system that is so easy any user can change it in just minutes. The filter looks a lot like the typical Drier vent that comes with a common clothes drier vent so you are insured years of no worry dust free performance for the forward mounted water cooling system or just front case fans. Unless the user is too lazy to change it. Then you have a sure way to overheat and clog your radiator from breathing and cooling the liquid inside.

Filtered front

Once the front bezel has been gently pull off the dust vent can be removed easily by placing your finger into the tab and then pulling back the magnetically held top and pulling straight up off the bottom slot hinge.

Removing the Vent

This bottom slot hinge of the dust cover is demonstrated here and with just a lift you can remove the entire lint trap or dust filter. Then after you wash it off with water and a light plastic brush you can replace it by first placing the dust trap into the slot at the bottom and bring it close to the case and let the magnets set it tight. Easy again.

Bottom Vent Hinge

From this view you can see that there are mounts for 120 and 140 mm fans or radiators if you desire. You can push, pull or push-pull your radiator configuration but its engineered best for the fans to mount on the case first then the radiator behind it. It was especially made for the Kraken AIO water cooling system but any system including custom will do. There is room for it all and no problems to be had except for pilot error of course.

Inner view of the front

This view is a little busy and should show that there is more to this simple little box then just peaceful Zen simplicity. There was some engineering that went into this case and for that alone this budget case out does cases twice or three times their price tag of $69.00 US Dollars.

Unvented front

The back of the case gives so much with such simplicity. I know I keep using that word but that is what I love about this case. The Simple elegance of the S340 NZXT Mid tower case seduces the owner to like it more and more as the as you further your understanding of it’s function. Here you see the stylish back CPU access hole and we will see if form meets function here too. Sometimes art can go too far but we will see if this the case.

Back of the case revealed

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