NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case Review

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Cases have really changed from the days when I started modding. These cases are employing parts that we had to custom fabricate. For one the PSU cover was first utilized by a guy named Airplaneman long ago on I told him to patent it and he gave me the go ahead to patent the power supply cover piece for myself, but I was too lazy and too busy building mods to do it.

The channel cover for the 24 pin has been used for years and fabricated by great modders like Ronnie Hara and Paul Tan just to name a few. The NZXT version is not the same as what they fabricated. They used their own ideas and built on the same concept that the professional modders were employing over and over to cover what the case makers were until now, ignoring.

Over all the NZXT S340 belongs on a short list of some of the most influential cases of our times. Like the Antec 900 and the Zalman Z-1000 this case will go down in computer building history of a trend setter for others companies to follow and trust me, they will.

They have been able to make a full sized case smaller and more efficient and even a great donor case for any modder to really enjoy building inside and modding. The white color gives this case a open palette appeal that begs you to get out your airbrush and start painting that theme right there on the side without much prep at all.

Everything in this case was built around the components and was custom made to fit just what you need for your NZXT incredible build without headaches and frustration that come with many cases that we modders have to deal with on every build. This case is so sweet and made for building that you even a novice can look like a seasoned pro on their first try.

The user gets all that for $89.99 at our favorite online store (Price has gone up from $69.99 when we started this review). Getting one is going to be hard to do because they are going to sell out really fast. It is an awesome case and I am proud to be one of the writers able to do one of the first reviews on this case. It truly is extra-ordinary. Overall ThinkComputers gives the NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case a 9 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

rating9 10 small TC award editorschoice small

– Custom look and design
– Amazing wire management
– Power supply cover
– Innovative design


– The white paint is slightly over-sprayed into the holes of the case and cause threading to be difficult
– The over-spray could make the thumbscrew hard to get threaded but according to NZXT the PCI Covers will come with the final units.

Happy Modding and GOD Bless.

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