NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case Review

Building in the S340
As any builder can see the NZXT has made things a lot easier by not just supplying the owner with aa multitude of screws of all different sizes and variations, but they are already sorted and indexed for the builder so there is no question as to where everything gets used. This helps the novice and the expert builder both and the way this is done could not be done better. I loved the printed contents on each little baggie. Thank NZXT.

Hardware included

Now its time to get down to building once you have a quiet place that you can sit the case down with all the parts surrounding you for easy fitting. The back power supply plate has four screws that you have to loosen to remove.

Removing PSU Plate

It’s plain to see and simple to figure out that the power supply gets mounted to this plate and its very easy to do. Just snake your wires down into the belly of the beast as you are mounting to make this slide in simple.

Removed Power supply interface

The four Hex nut/Phillip’s head screws supplied with the case is used for mounting the back power supply plate to the power supply and the fit was perfect.

Plate Powersupply interface

Sliding in the power supply was also a perfect fit and I had no problems allowing the power supply fit into place using its own weight and no need for forceful attachments. It slid in perfectly as well.

Dropping the PSU in

Reattaching the four screw back into the back plate was simple and fast, so I was ready to get to other things fast and easy.

Power supply fitted

Now this is the perfect time to press into place the motherboard backplate. This piece can get forgotten during the build so lets do it right now before we go any futher, and make sure that it is seated fully into the placement. Its easy to think you have it all the way installed only to find out later that you didn’t seat it just right. Make sure you have it seated in the right orientation and pressed fully into the place mount on the case.

inserting backplate

Installing the motherboard was a breeze with the NZXT S340. This case was built around the components instead of the other way around and this was a real treat. Everything was so well thought out that it’s actually enjoyable to build in because there were no frustrations in this build that I find with other cases no matter the price or quality.

Motherboard mounting

There is a great placement for showing off your SSD drives inside the case without showing the wires that go with them. Here is the fitted SSD mounting bracket on the left and the bracked removed on the right. You simply take out the bracket with the thumbscrew then slide the mount forward and lift. Then mount the SSD into the bracket and reverse the procedure. We recommend that you use right angled SATA cables for these as there is a access hold for the SATA wire to sneak in from behind and the SATA power connection can hide too if you use the right ones for these.

SSD Mounting Bracket

Funny thing about this case. Modular power supplies are not recommended over the any other types of PSU’s with this case because there is ample room under the power supply cover to hide any amount of wires you don’t need will not take away from the look of the build and the more wires the better for this case.

The SSD interface is shown here and is very easy to mount the SSDs from the side or the bottom screws depending on how you want and how your SSD is designed. This is truly a builder’s case.

SSD interface

Fitting the mechanical hard drives in the 3.5 inch bay at the bottom is simple and if you need to add another SSD to the mix there is one more place on the base of the case to mount one last SSD drive. NZXT did not waste a single centimeter in this case.

Hard drive fitting

NZXT it was time to fit the cooler in but a cooling pump and waterblock can kill a motherboard socket by bashing into the motherboard bending pins or breaking components so I use this trick when I am building. I like to temporarily tie down the water block into a place away from the board while I mount the radiator and the fans in the front. This little trick will not cost you a dime and it will save you an RMA’d board for sure.

Tech Trick for cpu Cooler

As you can see now I kept going with the black and white theme of the case for the fans and used white fans with my black radiator. This case will also accommodate a custom loop or a 280 x 140mm Radiator and fan if you so desire to use the newer fatter kind.

Front cooling installed

This case was built for wire management too. It was so easy to route the wires around but I did go to Radio Shack and buy a full pack of the little shorty black wire ties. I love them. Back when we first started to do mods we used bread ties and black tape but now these little shorty wire ties come in a baggy for 4 bucks and I used them by the gross.

Final Wire Management

Finally the case is complete and the look is stunning if I don’t say so myself. And I do…

Final frontal look 2

final Frontal Look

Final view from the back

Rear view final

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