DeepCool N8 Notebook Cooler Review

Setup & Usage
The DeepCool N8 is very easy to hook up its just plug in the use cable, hit the power button and it starts to work.  The fans really are not that loud and after it starts up you really will not hear them at all.  I used my Acer Aspire 15.6-inch laptop with the N8 and it seemed to fit perfectly on the cooler.

DeepCool N8 Notebook Cooler DeepCool N8 Notebook Cooler

Now lets get to the testing.

For testing we will be putting full load on the CPU with Prime 95.  Also we have turned the fans on high speed to take out any variables.  Here are our results.


Final Thoughts
The DeepCool N8 notebook cooler is one of the better one’s that I have seen recently and does what it is supposed to do without any issues.  I also like that DeepCool did not try and add a ton of extras on to the N8 like many manufacturers have done with notebook coolers.  It is a notebook cooler and that’s it, plain and simple.  The extra 3 USB ports is a plus since many notebooks do not have a ton of USB ports and you are giving one up to power the N8.

As far as performance goes the N8 did a good job.  A 6 degree difference during idle and a 9 degree difference during load.  This is compared to not using a cooler at all and the results are what we like to see.

Just like many of DeepCool’s products we can not find anywhere to purchase this cooler.  If they can keep it between $20-35 it will be a great deal anything higher and you might want to look at another cooler.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the DeepCool N8 Notebook Cooler a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Good performance
– 3 extra USB ports
– Aluminum design

– Availability