Dell Announces CAMM DDR5 Memory For Its New Precision Laptops

Dell has unveiled its newest memory form factor for DDR5 technology. The CAMM stands for Compression Attached Memory Module and according to Dell, these new modules will be 57% thinner as compared to the traditional modules of SO-DIMM. The CAMM is interestingly double sided and will be able to hold as much as 128 GB of memory. This is a pleasant change from the traditional workstation laptops for which the memory capacities usually run out.

Dell CAMM2

The traditional SODIMM modules that we know of currently use 32 GB of DDR5 memory each. It only seems fair and logical that customers who now want to buy a new workstation laptop will go for Dell’s precision laptops which are powered by the CAMM technology. These units will be shipped with 128 GB of CAMM modules.


According to PCWorld, this new form factor for DDR5 memory is not proprietary to Dell. Whereas the company is majorly behind the design of the new module and has also patented it, it comes to our knowledge that the Senior Distinguished Engineer at Dell is of the view that this would soon be a standard in the industry. Dell has also confirmed that they are not the ones building these CAMM modules, in fact they have partnered with other memory companies including Intel.

CAMM 128GB F 1480x1278 1

Wccftech has also picked up on the CAMM module. They have posted real life images of these modules which can be seen packed with DDR5 chips on both sides. The modules offering memory capacities of 128 GB and 64 GB will have chips located on both sides whereas the modules offering 32 GB and 16 GB will be single sided.

Via Wccftech