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Design Company Brinell Introduces Sexy Solid State Drives

The Brinell design company has introduced its super slim SSD and is becoming quite a hit already. The Drive SSD makes use of the latest storage technologies, incorporating the avant-garde style. The drive not only uses high end and distinctive materials, but it also makes the maximum use of the most productive technologies which have enhanced the functioning of the device and has made it capable of offering the fastest transfer rates.

Brinell SSDs

The extravagant Brinell style of the SSD makes it quite a remarkable achievement for the company which was honored with the red dot award for its Stick single action. The drive comes with a 3.0 USB interface and is capable of achieving read speeds as high as 420 mbps and write speeds of 330 mbps. These speeds are in the UAS turbo mode.

Brinell SSDs

Apart from being fast and exclusive in design, the drive ensures safe data keeping as the SSD has a maximum tolerance towards temperature variations and can withstand shocks from drops etc. Some of these features make the SSD a reliable medium for data transfer and storage. With a weight of merely 102 grams, the drive is easy to use and store and functions silently in its quiet mode.

Brinell SSDs

The SSD is available in varying capacities with storage space options of 120 GB, 250 GB and 500 GB. The light weight metal frame encases the SSD with its high quality and exclusive materials which include the Makassar ebony veneer, genuine Nappa leather and the brushed stainless steel.

Source: Brinell | News Archive