Tesoro Unveils Colada Saint G3NL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tesoro launches the all new Colada Saint G3NL; its finest mechanical gaming keyboard. The new gaming keyboard, fully clad with aluminum takes its name from the historical weapon series Colada.

Tesoro Colada Saint G3NL

Among the 103 physical keys on the keyboard few are the macro ties multimedia keys which also provide shortcuts. The keyboard has made been for gamers preferring to own and brag about their gaming accessories as I features the best specifications along with a fine design which shouts out the word ‘exquisite’ from all angles. The front panel of the keyboard is silver gray and has been finished with a fine quality brushed aluminum. They keys on the keyboard have been molded out from high quality plastic with a matte finish. So the Colada Saint G3NL is not only high in technological aspect but also offers a personality match with its elegant design.

Tesoro Colada Saint G3NL

Moving on the technical part of the keyboard, the Cherry MX Red mechanical switches have been enchased below the hood. The specifications of these include the 45 g actuation force, 2 mm key stroke, and 4 mm key travel. Supported with the feature of theater dimming, the backlight has six levels of brightness and all keys are lit with white LED, providing a stress free and comfortable experience even in the dark.

Tesoro Colada Saint G3NL

The mechanical keyboard hosts a 2-port USB 2.0/1.1 hub and can relay the 3.5 mm headset jacks from the PC. If users wish to plug in or attach any extra devices which demand a lot of power consumption, such as large hard drives, then they can make use of the DC-in jack which is optional with the keyboard. Some other features of the Colada Saint G3NL can be found in the short list below:

• The keyboard has dimensions of 44.4×20.6×4.4 cm
• It only weighs about 1.56 k (and 3.12 in lbs)
• Price ranges from 169€ to 172€, depending upon the Cherry MX variants

Source: Tesoro | News Archive