Razer Launches Battlefield 4 Collectors Edition Gaming Peripherals and Gear

Razer finally ends the wait with its release of the Battlefield 4 collector’s edition range which has been designed and built according to the demands of the pro gamers and promises to provide the unique and challenging experience of the gaming world. The new edition also contains the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate and the Razer BlackShark which are to be used with the Battlefield 4.

Razer Battlefield 4 Collectors Edition Gaming Peripherals

Though the devices can be used independently of one another, but pairing up these gear units and peripherals from the latest edition by Razer, you can move effortlessly towards victory and gain a competitive edge over the rest of the gamers around you. Details of some of the main attractions of the newest edition can be viewed here.

Battlefield 4 Razer Taipan

Battlefield 4 Razer Taipan

This super leaser equipped gamin mouse has been built exclusively to suit the need of gamers which will aid in easy victory and even the high level of technological features in this doesn’t sacrifice the comfort of use. It has been equipped with a dual sensor system and the curvy design of the top part allows it to fit easily under the hand.

Battlefield 4 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Battlefield 4 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

This amazing gaming keyboard allows the fastest execution of the keys and their incorporation into the game as soon as they are pressed. With the keyboard’s backlit option, gamers can even enjoy their ordeals during the dark.

Battlefield 4 Razer BlackShark

Battlefield 4 Razer Blackshark

This is the most refined headset which has ever been designed for gaming. With clear audio and detailed noises, gamers can truly experience the ultimate gaming fun with all bangs and enemy approaches as loud and clear as ever.

Other peripherals and gear included the Battlefield 4 Razer Destructor 2 which allows for easy movements of the mouse and ensures that all interruptions are kept away during the game which often results from the mouse getting stuck on the mouse pad. The Messsenger bag also forms part of this edition and gives the gamers their very own branded bag for their gaming equipement and devices. With carrying straps and shoulder pads, the bag will be easy to carry regardless of the weight inside. Some fans of Razer might also love the idea of this new cell phone cover for the smartphones which is highly protective.

Source: Razer | News Archive