EK Releases the EK-FC780 GTX Jetstream Full-Cover Water Block

The manufacturer of the highest quality cooling gear, EK Water Blocks, has finally announced the release of its Full-Cover water block for the Palit Super Jetstream along with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics cards.

EK-FC780 GTX Jetstream Full-Cover Water Block

This new water block by EK, namely the EK-FC780 GTX Jetstream, directly targets the GPU for cooling. The water cooling system efficiently runs through the critical areas of the voltage regulation module and the RAM. This feature ensures that even with high over clocking speeds, there is no overheating in these specific regions even after long hours of usage. Moreover the high flow design of this water block allows it to be used conveniently even with the weak water pumps.

EK-FC780 GTX Jetstream Full-Cover Water Block

Slots for the LED diodes have already been built into the EK-FC780 GTX Jetstream and the top part easily spreads over the entire circuit board. The water blocks come in differing variations and have been priced accordingly. The details of these can be seen below:

• EK-FC770 GTX DCII Backplate – Black – 26,38€
• EK-FC780 GTX DCII – Nickel – 102,95€
• EK-FC770 GTX DCII – Acetal+Nickel – 104,95€
• EK-FC770 GTX DCII – Nickel (Original CSQ) – 104,95€

Source: EK | News Archive