GTA V Coming to PC – Release Date Leaked!

The much awaited game is finally making its way towards its curious PC fans. Some sites which earlier quoted the news about this GTA V have even started quoting some expected dates of its release and it seems like the game won’t be out in the shadows for too long; the GTA V is coming to the PC in either November or early December.


The confusion remains because two different sites have quoted different release dates for the GTA V. Gameseek (UK) has revealed the release date to be the 22nd of November while the other source, Zavvi, says that the game would not be out till the 6th of December. But we might care less with only the little differences between these two dates, which might be predominantly due to the differences in their regional positions.


For those skeptical about a PC release Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon France have all listed GTA V for PC as an item so it is happening.

The wait for the GTA V versions exclusively for the PCs is finally coming to an end and fans will soon savor the ultimate GTA experience on their PCs.