Detailed Review on iVANKY Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

It pays to be extra cautious while choosing a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. The wrong choice can be devastating and the loss of your hard-earned money. You need to select the best mini DP to HDMI adapter. Avoid getting fuzzy and inaccurate coloring. Selecting the best thunderbolt cam make your life worthwhile. Below is a detailed review on iVANKY thunderbolt to HDMI adapter

It’s pocket-friendly

While choosing mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, you ought to consider its convenience. You need an ideal adapter that you can carry anywhere you decide to go. Here is a travel-ready adapter that has a mirror mode.

dp hdmi 1

Thus, you can make your vacation pictures as well as adorable films quite fascinating a mind-blowing on the big screen. It’s because it allows one to connect the laptop using a mini DP port to an external display/TV/projector. It thus works wonders when one is planning to do a presentation or watch 1080P HD videos.  The adapter is suited for multitasking as it has an extended mode, therefore, working like a charm.

dp hdmi 2

If you are searching for a thunderbolt adapter with a unique design, iVANKY thunderbolt is the one. It has a lightweight alum-alloy shell. Thus, solving your portability issue.

It’s has a sturdy nylon braided jacket that prevents aging and twisting of the cable. The braided jacket can withstand 15000+ bends. Thus, it ensures there’s a top-notch connection while one is using it. It also protects the inner contents against moisture; it is too abrasive resistant.

It has a 24k gold plates connectors which are resistant from all corrosion. Thus, it’s a fantastic adapter which is resistant to corrosion. Once you select it, you are assuring of phenomenal durability as well as accurate data transmission each time

Video and audio quality

One may often wonder. Will the video as well as audio become top-notch once they get to use the adapter? iVANKY thunderbolt to HDMI adapter offers high definition audio as well as video. It uses the latest specifications to ensure the final consumer achieves the highest transmission rates.

It needs to be you all time A/V solution. It also has 36-bit deep color, HDCP, 3D as well as compressed/uncompressed audio formats.

dp hdmi 3


Before purchasing any thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, you need to check on the compatibility aspect. iVANKY mini DP to HDMI adapter is suited for Apple MacBook air (before 2018)/pro (before 2016).

It’s suited for Microsoft surface pro/pro 2/pro 3/pro 4/pro 5/ pro six and surface laptop/laptop 2. However, not surface 2. It’s suited for Microsoft surface dock, surface book, and not surface book 2.

It’s also compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad helix, L430, T430, W530, X230, and T530

Always check on the warranty. However, with iVANKY’s lifetime policy, you can rest easy. One is on safe hands, and you are free to contact the customer support system when you would like to make an inquiry. Choose among the many colors that suit your fancy. When selecting mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter always go for the best that the market has to offer. Don’t forget to have a look at iVANKY thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. It’s worth a try!

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