Dome-shaped 4K 120Hz OLED Panel For PC Monitors Teased By TCL

TCL CSOT revealed a groundbreaking gaming display at DTC 2023 in Wuhan, China—a 31-inch dome-shaped monitor with 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, enhancing the gaming experience with a unique 3D perspective.


Larger dome-shaped displays are typically employed in professional simulators, but the 31-inch monitor achieves an ideal balance for a 4K home display. This size strikes the right balance with pixel density and is sufficiently large to justify a curved design. Additionally, at DTC 2023, TCL presented various OLED innovations, including an impressive 65-inch 8K OLED display.

TCL DTC 2023 1

For individuals desiring compact screens with enhanced pixel density, TCL provides a 27-inch 8K panel. Alternatively, those looking for a dual 4K monitor arrangement can explore the 57-inch option featuring Mini-LED technology.Certainly, TCL’s innovations are confined to the panels, and whether other companies choose to incorporate them into actual products remains uncertain.

TCL DTC 2023 2

Via ITHome