Don’t Have a Website Yet? 3 Common Excuses Business Owners Make

Small business owners are making a big mistake by not having a website. They also are making a mistake by trying to do everything themselves rather than hiring web development companies to do the work professionally.

Building a website involves several steps that aren’t always fun, but professional developers know how to create the entire site with all of the necessities. They can help with branding and setting up the funnels that capture leads and turn them into loyal customers. Business owners should stop making these three common excuses about why they haven’t built a website and start building these useful tools.

1.  Social media does enough

Too many small business owners think they can market and sell their products through social media. This is partially true, but there are limits to what social media can do. The problems with relying solely on social media are many, especially since they are for-profit companies that will do everything they can to ensure their platforms are profitable.

Social media platforms can adjust their algorithms at any time, meaning that your posts might not reach your desired audience. On all social media platforms, users can block advertisers and adjust what businesses get into their feeds. You don’t know who is blocking you or why, but the fact that users can do this limits your reach.

When you post on social media, the platform owns your product and data. You lose privacy and give away your creative ideas to the massive site. While you can see the people who follow you, you do not have their contact information to offer them individual and customized sales.

2.  The business is too small

Some business owners use the excuse that their business is too small to need a website. They think they will make the website after they’ve been in business for a while. Unfortunately, not having a website will keep their business small. Having a website opens the business to a limitless number of customers, helping to grow the business faster. People want to shop online, and they use business websites to learn about companies and decide whether or not to patronize them.You are missing out on sales by not having a website, even when you are just starting out.

3.  Websites cost too much

Websites and web developers have a variety of price points. If you think they are too expensive, you haven’t investigated fully. While large businesses spend thousands each month to run their websites, small businesses can spend significantly less for a smaller website that fits their needs.

The price of a website is based on the features, the size, and the maintenance. You can reduce your website price by minimizing what your website does at first, then add more features as your business grows. You can hire a developer to build the site, then do the maintenance yourself. In many cases, the cost of running a website is worthwhile, especially if it helps build your brand and sell your products or services.