DRAM Prices Expected To Rise 23 Percent During Q2

If you are deciding to upgrade or build a new rig from scratch, this is not a good time as we all know about the chip shortages, increased laptops demand due to Covid-19 and the crypto boom. The News came in during the weekend about a potential shortage of SSDs and HDDs due to the rising Chinese crypto coin.

The bad news doesn’t stop here as a research firm named TrendForce projects that DRAM prices will increase from 18 to 23 percent for Q2 2021. This price increase is for the overall DRAM market, but higher increase is expected for consumer PC DRAM versus the server DRAM market.

As per TrendForce, the average selling prices of DDR4-2666 modules have already increased by 25 percent.

The reason behind this potential price increase is the higher demand for laptops due to Covid-19. Laptops have been at the top spot in the PC market sales resurgence.

This shortage will not only affect the prices for PC DRAM but will also impact the RAMs used in mobiles, graphic cards, etc. The Server DRAM could increase by 25% due to an increase in work from home, which has increased the cloud usage too.

Tough time is waiting ahead, and ease is expected in late 2022.

Via TrendForce