Drop Expression Series Togekey Mechanical Keyboard Review

What sort of keyboard do you use? Have you ever considered upgrading your current keyboard and getting a higher quality or better ergonomic one? Have you thought about what type of keyboard you would look at? I have used many keyboards over my computer career, and my favourite type has always been mechanical. The sounds of the keys being pressed, the feel of the key being pressed and even the look, to me, have always been better with a keyboard that utilizes mechanical switches. Today, I will look at a new offering from Drop, the Drop Expression Series Togekey Mechanical Keyboard. Pokemon fans will love the Togepi/Toetic theme that Drop has included in this keyboard.

Special thanks to Drop for sending over the Expression Series Togekey Mechanical Keyboard to review.


Model: Drop Expression Series Togekey
Type: Mechanical Keyboard
Keys: 85 (TKL)
Materials: Aluminium Base, Plastic Top Cover
Switch Brand: Gateron Yellow KS3
Lifespan: 50 Million Keystrokes
Backlight: White LED Light Modules
Interface: USB Type-C
Weight: 2.05 lbs (0.93 kg)
Dimensions: 14.2 x 5 x 1.25 in (36 x 12.8 x 3.2 cm)
Operating Systems: Windows / macOS / Linux


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I’ve noticed over time that companies have kept their packaging pretty minimalistic. Drop is no different. The box is all black without no information on it.

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Opening the box is the same. The keyboard is front and centre, with the USB-C cable and key-puller hidden underneath.

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