EdTech Applications that are Helping to Change Learning

What is EdTech?

EdTech is short for education technology. Education with a combination of technology tools and learning strategies and techniques that is aimed at facilitating students and enhancing their learning experience. is widely known as education technology, also known as EdTech.

Technology around us is changing continuously. Using Google to look for answers is not new to young students. While some teachers are embracing the new learning pattern, others have already accepted this change and are using EdTech software to teach and train the next generation.

Educational technology is here to transform the course of learning, classrooms, and way of teaching. The traditional approach to teaching effectively is evolving day by day. According to a survey conducted in 2018, 48% of the participants (students) used desktop computers and 33% of them used smartboards.

Many teachers today are becoming familiar with using EdTech applications that promote a smart learning environment.

Here are some of the best EdTech software that are helping educations change the way of learning:


Young students beg to play on Kahoot as it provides a playful and interactive learning environment for each one of them. The power of this app is that you can reteach on the spot while students can point out correct answers.

It allows students to create and play their own games. It also allows educators to embed graphics and pictures on each topic to improve retention.

Haiku Learning

The educators who have adapted blended learning have their own learning management system. Haiku is a great EdTech software if you are a newbie and moving online. This LMS solution helps you to connect with your institute’s grade book system.

Google Drive and Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a powerful EdTech tool that allows educators to connect and interact with their students easily. You can manage student work and share content at the same place. While Google Drive is linked to this tool and can be great if you have to share presentations, drawings, slideshows, lectures and recordings quickly with your students.


GoGuardian is an educational technology company that provides solutions for educators and school districts to help schools easily manage their devices, better understand their students, and keep them safer online.

GoGuardian Teacher offers a video conferencing platform to aid teachers in delivering instruction to their students as well as keeping their students on-task with their assignments and homework. Teachers can also know what is happening on their students’ devices by using automatic alerts and notifications. Teachers can also use the platform to protect them from severe things such as bullying and suicide attempts. 

Some of those features within GoGuardian include screen sharing, lesson recording, lock screens, reporting, and multi-OS support among other things. 


Socrative is another powerful formative assessment EdTech tool to assess students while teaching. It is basically an open-ended tool that allows you to write down a problem on a smartboard. You won’t have to plan ahead. Just assess in real-time.

Voice Typing

Many students, new to the world of online learning, have trouble writing with the keyboard, despite having exceptional verbal expression skills. Voice Typing, an EdTech tool, also available as a Google extension, gives the power to students to write anything using their voices.

Closing thoughts

Creating a paperless classroom is not a fantasy anymore. The coronavirus pandemic has proved that the future of education is here already. The above EdTech software and applications is not only changing the traditional approach to learning but is also promoting smarter and more efficient learning.