A Beginner’s Guide to Gaming: 4 Tips

If you’re ready to enter the wide world of gaming, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy critical thinking challenges, connecting with players around the world, and the thrill and drama of sports (without the tights and perspiration).

Gaming is full of possibility, which means it’s easy to feel confused and intimidated about where to begin with gear, hardware, and the task of finding the right games.

We’ll get you on the right path toward choosing the best setup so you can focus on enjoying yourself in a creative, engaging, and fun hobby.

#1 Get the Right Hardware

Even if you have a great imagination, you can’t game in real life without a gaming device of some sort. Most diehard gamers choose a desktop PC, but you’re not limited to just one platform.

  • Gaming PCsGaming desktop PCs are the tried-and-true preference for many gamers. They’re decked out with all the software and customization options you could want in your game play.
  • Gaming laptops – A more portable alternative to a gaming PC is a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops can come pretty close to matching the speed and performance power of desktops, but they’re not always as customizable or upgradeable.
  • Gaming consoles – The debate between gaming PCs versus consoles can be a heated one. Consoles like Nintendo Switch win when it comes to convenience and they tend to be friendlier on the wallet. But PCs deliver more gaming variety and better graphics.
  • Smartphones – Don’t forget about the small computer in your pocket. Smartphones that are robust enough (think hefty processors and generous displays that refresh quickly) can get the job done. You could even opt for a gaming-specific smartphone. Yes, they exist!

#2 Accessorize Wisely

If you love a good accessory or gadget, gaming will be right up your alley.

gamer keyboard

Once you start with your main hardware choice, you can go as far as you want to enhance your gaming experience. Grab your hemp CBD pills and a cooling neck pillow to settle in for hours of tuned-in gaming with some or all of these extras.

  • Gaming keyboards and mice – If you’ll be gaming on a desktop or laptop, a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse can up your accuracy and speed if you’d rather not buy a controller.
  • PC gaming headsets – To get the most immersive gaming experience, many gamers opt for a sharp gaming headset with a microphone (for some light trash talking).
  • Monitors – Most gamers purchase a quality monitor that renders exquisite graphics. If you’ll be logging long sessions, consider an eye care monitor that protects your peepers while you’re capturing the win.
  • Gaming chairs – Gaming is fantasy-based, but gaming injuries to the neck, shoulders, and hands do happen. A dedicated gaming chair can provide support where you need it most, which means you won’t be benched for a gaming-related strain.

#3 Choose Your Genre(s)

Amassing all the right gear is nothing compared to choosing the games you’ll play. The sheer variety might leave you overwhelmed by so many choices and so little time.

There’s no shame in starting with beginner-friendly games like Animal Crossing. And when you’re ready to dive in a bit further, experiment with more intensive genres, such as:

  • FPS/TPS – First-person shooter and third-person shooter games such as Fortnite revolve around battling opponents with weapons.
  • RPG – Role-playing games focus on the narrative and characters.
  • MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (whew) blend role-playing and the concept of a world that’s a living, breathing thing. These games

incorporate up to thousands of players at a time. World of Warcraft is a prime example.

  • Stealth – Stealth games like Hitman 3 require, you guessed it, stealth! These games demand a lot of savvy hiding and maneuvering while undetected.

#4 Learn Gaming Slang

If you’ll be playing multiplayer games or engaging with other players, you’ll want to know the lingo. Start with these terms to take yourself from “noob” (newbie) to “leet” (elite):

  • AFK – Away from computer
  • GG – Good game
  • QQ – Crying, emoji-less
  • HF – Have fun

Game On!

Becoming a gamer or gaming enthusiast should be fun above anything else. Yes, you’ll need to set a budget and decide on the gear you covet most. But after you settle those logistics, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy yourself.

Over time you’ll understand your gaming preferences and you’ll talk the talk and walk the walk, too.

So, start flexing those finger muscles and your problem-solving skills, and press play!