Revive Your Cafe Business By Investing In Instagram Marketing: Here’s All The Reasons Why

You have the best cafe in town, a loyal base of repeat customers, and a great location, but your sales numbers aren’t going up. So, what can be done to revive your cafe business and draw in more customers?

The simple answer is-Invest in Instagram Marketing!

Arguably the most valuable social media platform, Instagram, with a daily active user base of over 500 million, needs no introduction today.

As one of the most popular and completely visual social media platforms, Instagram is an excellent place for cafes and restaurants to focus their marketing power and revive their business. This is primarily because restaurant and cafe customers are more engaged on Instagram than on any other social media platform.

Given below are the top reasons to use Instagram marketing service to revive your cafe business.

1. Allows You To Save Money

Restaurant and cafe businesses usually struggle with expensive labor and tight margins. Instagram being 100% free, gives you an affordable marketing avenue to start with. With virtually unlimited reach, you can use Instagram to test what works and what doesn’t without having to spend too much money.

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Right from sharing new menu items, making changes to your hours, upcoming events, or finding the locals/tourists looking for somewhere new to add to their regular eating joints, the platform allows you to
experiment with various marketing strategies, all without spending a penny.

2. The Benefit of Instagram Hashtags

Restaurant or cafe marketing is very much incomplete without Instagram, and the later is incomplete without a hashtag. You can make your cafe searchable by tagging your food posts with hashtags, that in turn, will enhance your search results.

Further, you can also add the most commonly used or existing hashtags for generic names. By using these hashtags, you can definitely give your post the required reach for displaying onto the screens of your target audiences.

3. Boost Your Cafe Reviews

It’s a well-known fact that Google algorithm favors restaurants and cafes with more customer reviews. Many consumers read online reviews to help them decide the restaurants and cafes to visit. Increasing your customer reviews is, therefore, a critical Instagram marketing strategy for growing your business.

If you are offering excellent service and responding to customer comments with attention and warmth, an occasional post asking for positive reviews will further increase your numbers. These can then be shared on your page to encourage other customers to share their reviews as well.

4. Gives You The Benefit of Using Geotags to Attract New Customers

One of the key benefits of Instagram is how easy it is for you to find new accounts to follow as Instagram suggests the posts you might like on your explore feed.

By making use of geotags on your posts, you make your content visible in neighborhood search for that particular location. You can Geotag your cafe address so that anyone searching for your location will see your content.

This way, you provide an opportunity for users searching for those locations to discover your cafe. Local Instagram users may tag the same areas, and these common geotags enhance your chances of showing up in their searches.

Further, Geotags can also help you improve your visibility with tourists as visitors to the area usually search local geotags to get an idea for what is going on in the neighborhood. If they’re staying at any place nearby, you would like to make sure that your cafe is showing up when they are exploring on Instagram.

5. You Can Work With Various Influencers

There are thousands of food influencers and bloggers on Instagram, ranging from micro-influencers with up to 2k followers to huge accounts with 1.5-2 lac followers.

These influencers have a skillful ability to boast about the finest details of the dishes they like from your cafe, giving you the benefit of getting the best returns from their word of mouth for your business. You can get a tremendous amount of benefit from their style of exposing your cafe brand as well.

Instagram marketing allows you to find some of the popular influencers in your area and start interacting with them. You can also leverage the services of a professional instagram growth company and start liking and commenting on the posts of popular influencers, which will help them remember your cafe’s name.

You can then reach out to them to see if they’d be willing to do a post about your cafe in exchange for a plate or two from your cafe’s best creation.

If you can find a popular food influencer willing to work with your cafe, you can gain access to their vast fan followers without a significant investment. That could be equivalent to thousands of new potential customers, all without spending any extra money.

6. Enhances Your Cafe’s Social Credibility

When it comes to restaurants and cafes,  potential customers may decide to try your place simply as a result of what they see, listen, and perceive about it on social media. Or, they may decide to try out competitors instead.

Instagram marketing is definitely one of the cheapest forms of online advertisement when compared to the level of awareness, engagement, and conversions you’ll earn. But it also helps you boost your social credibility when a food blogger or micro-influencer posts outstanding content about your offerings.


In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, making your brand stand out is becoming very difficult, especially for restaurant and cafe businesses.

Even the top and most accomplished players struggle to compete for screen time due to the massive amount of content available on social media.

As a cafe or restaurant business owner, the importance of connecting with customers is huge in defining the success of your business. Instagram marketing allows you to build a robust presence online and interact with your existing as well as potential customers in an authentic way.

So, if you are in the process of reviving your cafe business, Instagram marketing is the way to get started and help maximize your success on today’s most powerful social media platform.