PUBG is coming to Playstation Plus, here’s why it’s good for the game

If you’ve been patiently waiting to see which new games will be available on Playstation Plus, now is the time to get excited. The company has recently announced that Player’s Unknown Battleground and Street Fighter 5 will be available this month for subscribers to the service.

A true battle royale genre representative

Player’s Unknown Battleground is widely well-known and hardly needs an introduction. Even if you’re not a fan of battle royals, you have probably tried PUBG at some point, a genre-defining title, together with Fortnite. PUBG was first introduced in 2017, and it has had quite the craze since then. To this day, it remains one of the most played online games. PUBG is often credited as the game that kickstarted the battle royale scene, even though it was hardly the first battle royale game out there. Love it or hate it, it certainly did stir up the stale online multiplayer, making battle royale genre as popular as once MMORPGs were. And that’s a big thing.

How PUBG Will Benefit from Playstation Plus

The PUBG esports scene was massive when the game first came out. But as hunger for bigger and better tournaments began to grow, people have realized they are hard to scale up, eventually leading to rapid scene decline. Once a popular esports game with lots of potential became a bottom-tiered esport no one seems interested in.

Bringing PUBG to Playstation Plus is a big thing, both for the game itself, and for the fans. Looking back at some other titles like Fall Guys, being included on Play Station plus for a gaming company is like hitting a Betsafe Roulette jackpot. If anything, social media and websites started talking a lot more about PUBG lately, a game that is certainly used to being talked about.

Tencet seems to like taking chances with expanding PUBG to mobile and increasing the prize pool a lot. In November, World Championship and PUBG Mobile Global Championship will be combined into a $2 million event, bringing players from Americas, Europe and Asia together. It’s safe to say PUBG esports scene is becoming alive again.

With the addition of PUBG to PlayStation Plus and introduction of $2 million event in November, many are hoping that it will also drive people to sites like Twitch, where they will watch the live streams and engage with the streamers. This traffic would be excellent for the esports scene and for those who want to watch PUBG, and not just play it.

Of course, gaining this traffic is no guarantee, and we might see people less interested in whole battle royale thing than they were three years ago when the game first came out. But due to the significance of the Playstation Plus service, combined with the fanbase of PUBG, it would come as no surprise if PUBG lives once again. The esports scene could use a boost like this, and it wouldn’t hurt to gain some more fans. Loyal fans are becoming equally excited about the release, and new fans are waiting to see experience the hype surrounding PUBG. If only Tencet would address the problem with cheaters a bit more seriously, PUBG might even have a chance of becoming a top-tier esports title like it was supposed to be all along.