3 Things to Think About Before Launching Your Own Business

If you’re getting ready to launch your own business you know there are many key details to consider. It’s important not to overlook different digital tools that can put you in control as a business owner. Whether it’s security for your business or cloud-based accounts to connect your team, these three tools will give you powerful insights for your business and help streamline your team’s workflow.

A Cloud Environment Reimagined

Once you launch your business you will likely be using multiple digital channels for workflow, sales and keeping your team connected. Especially if you are a large organization with remote workers, you’ll want to find a way to integrate your team’s workload with all the cloud resources you employ. Turbot cloud governance software is a management system and integrator that gives you access to all the cloud accounts of your team in one place with a single sign-in. Turbot allows direct access to AWS, Azure and GCP accounts within automated policy guardrails. They provide real-time automated configuration and control for business owners.

Turbot uses automation for functions such as network and firewall management, credential management, and data protection. Their automation functions protect your sensitive data with automatic encryption, backup, rotation, and deletion within your data centers. Turbot makes you the central authority and system administrator for your business. You can easily edit the user credentials, permissions for account functions, and change and cost control. They also offer predefined best practices policies and automation for enforcement through guardrails. Turbot’s software analytics and automation allow any business’ development teams with AWS, Azure, and GCP accounts to increase their output and streamline their workflow by ensuring full control and best practices.

Powerful Video Surveillance and Security


Many new or small businesses don’t believe they need a physical security team or security system right from the start. Hiring security professionals isn’t the most cost-effective option, so it’s often overlooked. Businesses sometimes don’t understand the importance of security and video surveillance is—or their vulnerability without it—until the first time an unauthorized person enters their building. Having high visibility at entry points is a start for protecting you and your employees, but without any sort of security system, unauthorized access is more common than you may think.

Video surveillance and intrusion detection is essential and non-negotiable for larger businesses. To make everything run smoothly and keep your property safe wherever you are, Verkada’s access control software puts security management in the cloud. Their access control system is a secure solution that does all the work of a security team by putting the control panel on any of your devices. Verkada’s hardware, like its door controller, is easy to install and work intuitively with any existing hardware. They also offer a mobile app that can give access control to employees with specific permissions and credentials. Their mobile app turns your mobile device into an access card and sends alert notifications in real-time. This digital key card also allows those with the proper credentials to remotely unlock doors from their mobile device.

Verkada’s cloud-based security management software allows you to live-stream your video surveillance feed at any time of day and even on your mobile device. Their software makes you the authority in access control. You can easily assign and edit the credentials of your employees or visitors. You can also choose other administrators for access control. Once access rights are given to an individual, say a visitor, these user credentials can easily be removed once they leave the premises. According to Airship Industries, a software that improves productivity can generate more income for a company. This is especially true when the app or program is used in a day-to-day business setting.

Accounting Software and Services


Having excellent accounting software set up and ready to go from the moment you launch your business can help you so much more than you realize. Tracking expenses, creating invoices, and planning for tax season can become tedious and overwhelming to handle alone. If you’re looking to thin the workloads of you and your employees when it comes to finances, you should consider using accounting software. Intuit Quickbooks is a popular choice for growing businesses because it is very affordable and great for creating invoices. Wave financial is a free option that is great for new companies that don’t need the complex features that some paid accounting services offer, as those are usually geared towards larger businesses. It’s important to weigh the benefits of each accounting software based on your business needs.