EK Introduces New Direct Die Water Block for Socket LGA 1700 14th Gen Intel Core CPUs

EK, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is rolling out a brand-new water block built from the ground up for the LGA 1700 socket, explicitly designed for delidded Intel Core CPUs. It bears improvements that benefit 14th-generation CPUs and shares almost no parts with the previously released Intel Direct Die water block. It includes a purpose-developed cold plate, cooling fin structure, and mounting mechanism. It relies on standoffs positioned at the four corners of the water block to ensure optimal contact with the CPU, eliminating concerns about applying too much or too little pressure on the bare CPU die, just like the AM5 Direct Die water block. EK’s latest water block features EK-Matrix7 compatibility, meaning the product’s height and port distance are managed in 7 mm increments for easier loop planning and precise results.

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EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB – 1700 Core Edition
This new direct die LGA 1700 water block is built from scratch and made to squeeze every bit of performance out of the 14th-generation Intel Core CPUs. The top is seethrough glass-like acrylic, with rich D-RGB illumination behind the window, which is riddled with aluminium bars going over the top and two G1/4″ extenders that interrupt the flow of the black-anodized aluminium bars. These G1/4″ extenders are standard Torque micro extenders. They can be replaced by other products from the EK-Quantum Torque Micro series, be it extenders of different finish, HDP or HDC fittings.

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The mounting mechanism on the Velocity² Direct Die – 1700 Core Edition water block differs from the one on the Velocity² Direct Die 1700 water block, as it relies on standoffs at all corners instead of the cold plate making contact with the die guard.

The cold plate’s protruding section is horizontally offset and designed to cover the CPU die area. The fin structure has been adjusted to direct most of the flow over the die and spread out to both sides. This flow optimization was done with a specialized jet plate and its offset slip, as well as a horizontally offset microfin array. This forces the coolant to flow over the hottest parts of the microfins, just above the CPU die area.

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EK is offering 15% off the latest Core Edition water block to users who have purchased the previous EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB – 1700 water block. To redeem the code, you must contact EK Support to verify your previous purchase and get the 15% discount code for the new water block version.

EK-Matrix7 Compatibility
The EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB – 1700 Core Edition is an EK-Matrix7 certified product. The EK-Matrix7 system adds convenience and precision to PC liquid cooling, thanks to the product height and port distance being managed in 7 mm increments. This improves product alignment and reduces the time spent planning the loop and bending tubes. Through meticulous planning and careful design of EK products, building a liquid-cooled PC becomes easy and fun.

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CPU and Socket Compatibility
The new EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB – 1700 Core Edition CPU water block is socket-specific, compatible only with the Intel LGA 1700 socket, and delidded Intel Core Series desktop CPUs.

D-RGB Compatibility
EK-Quantum Velocity² D-RGB Direct Die – 1700 Core Edition CPU water blocks are compatible with popular addressable RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers. The arrow marking on the 3-pin D-RGB LED connector aligns with the +5V marking on the addressable RGB header.

Availability and Pricing
The EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB – 1700 Core Edition water block is made in Slovenia, Europe, and is available for pre-order through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. It is expected to start shipping in mid-July 2024. The EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB – 1700 Core Edition will be priced at €226.81 (MSRP), VAT excluded.


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