EK Releases Quantum Velocity² Edge AM5 Water Block

EK, the global leader in premium PC water cooling, is proud to introduce extraordinary EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge Special Edition CPU water blocks for the AM5 socket. After the successful launch of their LGA 1700-based counterpart earlier this year, these Special Edition Edge water blocks confirm EK’s commitment to aesthetic excellence. The top cover is at the forefront of this design revolution, featuring a striking assembly of irregular tetrahedrons that transform each water block into a modern artwork. These tetrahedrons create a captivating interplay of light and shadow, adding a dynamic and sophisticated visual appeal to the water block.

Explicitly designed for platforms based on the AMD Socket AM5, they fit Ryzen 7000 series CPUs. The cold plate, precisely machined of the highest-grade 99.99% pure electrolytic copper, ensures unparalleled heat transfer. The top cover of the EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge D-RGB – AM5 Special Edition is available in Black and Silver. These color options allow enthusiasts to choose a style that best complements their PC build, transforming these water blocks from mere components for efficient cooling into central elements of a PC’s aesthetic identity. The top cover is CNC-milled out of a 30 mm thick aluminium sheet, separated from the coolant with a layer of acrylic to ensure no mixing of metals.

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EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge D-RGB – AM5 Black Special Edition
The EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge D-RGB – AM5 Black Special Edition exudes sleek elegance, perfect for setups where understated style is paramount. The top cover is adorned with CNC-milled, irregularly shaped tetrahedrons made of black anodized aluminium and features a transparent plexi top, enhancing its sophisticated look.

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EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge D-RGB – AM5 Silver Special Edition
The EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge D-RGB – AM5 Silver Special Edition has a bright reflective surface, accentuating the intricate tetrahedron design. The top cover, also adorned with CNC-milled, irregularly shaped tetrahedrons, is made of aluminium with a sleek anodized finish. It features a transparent plexi top, lending it a slightly glossy look.

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The EK-Quantum Velocity² series uses the OptiFlow cooling engine, designed to optimize performance on specific sockets. This innovative cooling solution combines specific mounting pressure with tailored cold plate geometry, achieving low hydraulic flow restriction. This allows the use of weaker water pumps or lower pump speed settings, ensuring silent operation without compromising performance. The precision-engineered lathe-turned cold plate effectively covers the IHS, focusing pressure on the die area.

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EK-ExactMount System
EK-ExactMount is a patented mounting system engineered by EK for an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing installation. Comprised of only three components – a backplate, mounting screws, and the water block itself – it allows for a clean and seamless front appearance without any visible screws. The pre-tensioned springs concealed in the water block top make installation quick and easy while ensuring perfect mounting pressure.

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Aligned with EK’s philosophy of seamless integration and ease of use, the Velocity² AM5 Special Editions are EK-Matrix7 compliant. The EK-Matrix7 is a revolutionary standard in PC liquid cooling, utilizing a 7 mm increment system for product height and port distance. This enhances product alignment and simplifies loop planning and tube bending, transforming PC building into a straightforward process akin to assembling toy bricks.

Velocity²: The Legacy of Excellence and Innovation
EK’s Velocity² product line has garnered significant acclaim, securing five prestigious awards so far. This recognition is a testament to the exceptional performance, innovative design, and bold approach that EK has consistently delivered with its water-cooling solutions. The accolades awarded to the Velocity² products, including the esteemed iF Design Award, European Hardware Awards, and CES 22, among others, underscore the product line’s standing at the forefront of technological advancement and design excellence in PC cooling.

EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge – AM5 series CPU water blocks are socket-specific, compatible with AMD AM5 socket and Ryzen 7000-series CPUs.

EK-Quantum Velocity² D-RGB LED Lighting
Fully compatible with all major motherboard manufacturers’ addressable RGB sync technologies, each CPU water block features a captivating light beam and 30 addressable RGB LEDs. This creates an extraordinary visual effect, especially with the tetrahedron-structured top cover amplifying the RGB display.

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The EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge D-RGB – AM5 Black and Silver Special Editions are made in Slovenia, Europe, and are now available for pre-order through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. These Velocity² Special Edition water blocks will start shipping in mid-April 2024. The table below shows the manufacturer-suggested retail price (MSRP), VAT included.

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