Intel Core i9-14900KS To Launch Mid-March

The Core i9-14900KS processor, a 24-core version tailored for the LGA1700 desktop platform; it is anticipated to be the final flagship SKU for this socket. As per the latest information from Benchlife, citing their trustworthy sources, this SKU is projected to be available in mid-March.

The Core i9-14900KS distinguishes itself as an upgraded variant of the existing Core i9-14900K, featuring a higher TDP of 150W—a 25W increase—and an enhanced clock that peaks at 6.2 GHz for up to two cores, a boost of 200 MHz. Rather than targeting mass popularity or affordability, this SKU is tailored for the enthusiast class segment and overclockers who seek nothing but the highest quality binned CPUs.


Currently, it’s unclear if Intel plans to persist in launching future KS versions. The impending transition to a new LGA1851 socket will introduce a fresh Arrow Lake architecture, anticipated to adopt a new naming scheme, potentially resembling something akin to Core 9 Ultra 290K.

The OCCT benchmark site recently unveiled the Core i9-14900KS, showcasing that the CPU can achieve a boost of up to 409 watts under full load.

The Intel Core i9-12900KS was launched on April 5, 2022, while the Intel Core i9-13900KS hit the market on January 12, 2023. According to reliable sources, it has been mentioned that Intel is planning to release the Intel Core i9-14900KS, a limited edition processor with a clock speed of up to 6.20GHz, in mid-March 2024. However, it is still unclear whether it will be targeted towards specific system vendors or sold through specific channels.

— Benchlife

Source: Benchlife