EKWB Presents the EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU Water Block

EK, the water cooling gear manufacturer based in Slovenia, Europe, is proud to present its newest addition to the Quantum Line of products – the EK-Quantum Magnitude. It’s a new, ultimate CPU water block that brings the highest performance to all platforms by using specific flow distribution, cold plate geometry, and mounting pressure tailored to each IHS.

ek quantum 2

EK-Quantum Magnitude is bearing the prestigious iF Design award for the bold and different approach to the CPU water block mounting mechanism. Differentiated from any mounting structure of a water block that is usually a black and mundane plate, the design accentuates an integrated X- or H-shaped three-dimensional frame with premium finishes that firmly cradles the main body in place, while the screws are morphed into sophisticated design details.

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As a part of the Quantum Lineup ideology, the new water block is equipped with interchangeable accent frames available in various colors, finishes, and materials. The EK-Quantum Magnitude comes in Intel 115x, 20xx, and AMD AM4 socket optimized configurations, with each being available in four different material versions. There’s a choice of two models in each variation equipped with addressable D-RGB LEDs, elegantly concealed under the aesthetic inner-frame.

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Specialized manufacturing techniques were deployed to create this truly unique product. Not a single component of Magnitude was made using mass production techniques; instead, every single piece was CNC-milled separately, out of a solid piece of material. At the heart of Magnitude lies the CNC-machined solid brass insert. This component made it possible to significantly enlarge and optimize the cooling engine. Compared to previous generations of water blocks, the fin array has a 50% bigger surface area, all contained in a smaller footprint to ensure maximum compatibility. The copper cold plate uses 0.40 mm wide microchannels and 0.26 mm thick microfins to maximize the thermal transfer with minimal flow restriction.

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Availability and Pricing
EK-Quantum Magnitude and EK-Quantum Accent products are made in Slovenia, Europe and are readily available for the order through the EK Webshop or EK Partner Reseller Network. Prices range from $209.99 to $269.99 for the blocks themselves.

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