NVIDIA Cards With 108 and 118 Compute Units Spotted, Possibly Ampere?

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) will be held March 22-26 and NVIDIA is expected to launch their next-generation Ampere lineup of GPUs at the event. Just a few weeks before the event a GeekBench 5 compute score measuring the compute performance of two unknown NVIDIA GPUs has appeared. We can assume based on the scores and specifications of these cards that they are Ampere.

NVIDIA 118 CUs 1

One card has 118 compute units, which means it has 7552 CUDA cores. It is also equipped with 24GB of memory, which could either be HBM2e or GDDR6. It scored an incredible 184096 points in the OpenCL test, which puts it at the top of the OpenCL benchmark charts.

NVIDIA 108 CUs 1

The next unknown GPU has 108 compute units, so it will have 6192 CUDA cores. This one comes with 48GB of memory. It scored 141654 points in the OpenCL test, which would put it between the Tesla V100 32GB and Tesla V100 16GB.

Via _rogame (Twitter)

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