Emdoor Announces First Gaming Handheld Powered By Intel Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” SoC And Arc A5 GPU

Emdoor has revealed their new handheld gaming consoles, which are the first to feature Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake H-series processors alongside the Intel ARC 5 GPU. These Meteor Lake-H chips, part of the Core Ultra 100H series, are set to launch in December. In anticipation of this release, companies like Emdoor are showcasing their devices designed for low-power mobile devices, especially handheld gaming systems.


Emdoor, primarily recognized for its Mini-PCs and tablet business, is entering the handheld gaming device market. Interestingly, their device shares a similar design with competitors like AYANEO, ONEXPLAYER, and AYN but includes custom features like a built-in stand.

The device runs on a Meteor Lake-H processor, with a power range of 20W to 25W, higher than most handheld devices like the Steam Deck (as low as 9W) or ASUS ROG Ally (15W). The 8-inch screen with a 1920×1200 resolution has become standard in the handheld gaming space. Regarding storage, it appears to support PCIe Gen4 specifications with a capacity of up to 2TB. While the system memory speed is unconfirmed, it may support up to 32GB of LPDDR5X memory.


Notably, the system is equipped with the Arc 5 GPU, an integrated Alchemist GPU with an estimated 4 to 8 Xe-Cores, typical for Meteor Lake chips. It’s demonstrated to run games like God of War.

The market has seen increased competition with the introduction of the AMD Phoenix APU featuring Zen4/RDNA3 architectures, and the arrival of Meteor Lake-H is expected to intensify this competition.



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