Enermax Fulmo GT Full Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts
When I first took this case out of the box I was surprised at how large it was. We’ve taken a look at our fare share of full tower cases this year and none of them really compare to the Fulmo GT. It has to be the biggest case we have looked at so let’s just call it a Super Tower! Being this large does have its benefits. This is one of the only cases that supports the HPTX motherboard form factor. You also also fit larger motherboard form factors in like XL-ATX and E-ATX. On top of that if you can install two power supplies! Remember you cannot have enough power! As far as storage goes you have room for 10 hard drives and four optical drives. Finally you have 10 expansion slots so you really can build an extreme system! Having a large case can be a pain to move and carry with you to LAN parties. Enermax has got you covered and has included wheels with this case!

Having all that room for components means you are going to need some pretty extreme cooling and Enermax has got that covered. Pre-installed you have a 180 mm intake, two 180 mm side panel fans, a 230 mm top fan and a 140 mm exhaust. If that is not enough the case has room for a total of 15 fans! Three out of the five included fans are Enermax’s own Vegas fans which have cool red LEDs in them and have 5 different lighting modes. These modes can be changed by using the controller on the top of the case. If you wanted to go the watercooling route there is more than enough room for multiple radiators and there are 7 watercooling holes on the back of the case.

Having all of these features is great but what about installation? Our installation went very well. Since there is a lot of room to work with inside things go much more smoothly. The tool-less system on the optical drives worked perfectly and the hard drives were easy to install as well. Our installation did not take that long at all. The cable routing holes enabled us to hide most of our cable mess on the backside of the motherboard tray. Enermax also includes velcro cable ties as well as the normal ones to keep your cable mess nice and neat.

While we were very impressed with this card there were a few things that did catch our attention. the first is that the fan controller only supports 3 fans, yet the case comes with 5. There are two internal USB 3.0 connectors. Now not every motherboard has dual internal USB 3.0 headers so Enermax has included an internal to dual external adapter, but it really is not long enough at all. Finally I would have really have liked to have seen a CPU power extension cable given the size of the case.

Right now the Enermax Fulmo GT is selling for $209.99 at my favorite online retailer. I really do think that price is justified as this is one of the only cases that supports HPTX, all of the space inside for storage and expansion and you do get three included Enermax Vegas fans. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Enermax Fulmo GT Full Tower Case a 9 out of 10 score.

– Supports HPTX motherboards
– Lots of room inside
– 5 included fans (3 are Enermax Vegas fans)
– Dual power supply support
– Easy installation
– Fan controller
– Wheels included

– Fan controller only supports 3 fans
– Internal to external USB 3.0 cable not long enough
– CPU power cable extension would have been nice

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