Epic Gear’s MORPHA X Gaming Mouse is 100% Modular

Epic Gear was showing off a brand new mouse at their suite at CES this year. The thing that really sets this mouse apart from others out there is that it is 100% modular, so you can change out the switches, sensors, weights, and covers!

The mouse itself has six programmable buttons and comes with two different types of switches. These are Epic Gear’s own EG Orange and EG Purple switches. EG Orange has a lighter feel, while the Purple is more of a heavy switch made for serious gamers. Epic Gear uses a sort of cartridge design for the sensors, so they are quite easy to remove and switch out. The MORPHA X will come with 12000 DPI IR LED sensor and a 8200 DPI laser sensor.


Epic Gear gives you the choice to change the color of the mouse as well. You have the choice of both white and silver. There are also four 5g weights. There are customizable RGB LEDs on the mouse which can be controlled via the software. Just like with their Defiant keyboard the MORPHA X will come in a nice case that will have all of your components inside.


Epic Gear will retail this mouse for around $129 and you’ll be able to pick it up at both Amazon and Newegg around February – March.

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