Epomaker Unveils the TH80-X Keyboard With A Rotary Knob

Get ready for an exciting journey into innovation and possibilities with the introduction of the TH80-X by Epomaker. This revolutionary keyboard sets a new standard for typing by combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design.

Epomaker’s dedication to delivering top-notch yet affordable keyboards to enthusiasts is evident in the TH80-X. With a focus on both functionality and portability, this keyboard features a compact 75% layout that maximizes desk space while maintaining usability. Experience an organized and effective workspace that enhances productivity and creativity. Despite its 75% layout, the TH80-X remains highly customizable through the Epomaker Driver, enabling users to create macros for extended keyboard functionality.

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In the world of contemporary custom keyboards, having a volume control knob has become quite standard. Nevertheless, Epomaker is unceasingly committed to surpassing the norm and exceeding product limitations. The TH80-X represents a significant advancement in this regard. Through a handful of shortcuts, the knob can now manage device volume, screen display, RGB backlight, connection status, and other functionalities.

Innovations extend not just to the knob, but also to the screen. To enhance the knob control experience, the TH80-X features an integrated LCD screen. This dynamic display empowers users to create and display custom animations, logos, or cherished images using the Epomaker Driver. This elevates the keyboard’s uniqueness, allowing individuals to embrace their distinct style.

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Employing a gasket structure in its design, Epomaker seeks to unite the most gratifying typing sensation with an unmatched sound profile. Leveraging this advanced structure, the TH80-X takes typing encounters to an elevated plane. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the gasket arrangement significantly reduces vibration and noise, offering a satisfying auditory experience that goes beyond the anticipated. By ingeniously pairing this with an iron plate, the keyboard achieves a distinctive middle-ground typing sensation that’s both springy and stable.

The Epomaker TH80-X showcases a triple-mode connectivity approach, encompassing wired USB, wireless Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz options. This ensures seamless compatibility across a wide array of devices. When connected via Bluetooth, the keyboard can establish links with up to three devices concurrently. Offering compatibility with both Windows and macOS systems, users can effortlessly switch between the two by slightly rotating the knob. Additionally, the TH80-X is equipped with two 4000mAh batteries, totaling an impressive 8000mAh capacity, guaranteeing uninterrupted usage and eliminating concerns of frequent recharging during extended work and play sessions.

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The Epomaker TH80-X is now available on Epomaker’s official website. This budget-friendly keyboard offers exceptional versatility and comes with various switch options, all at an accessible price point.