EVGA Debuts X299 Micro 2 Motherboard

This year at Computex EVGA was showing off their brand new X299 Micro 2 motherboard, which of course is the successor to the X299 Micro EVGA initially announced with the X299 chipset. Some of the big changes to this board can be seen on its CPU VRM, which has been redesigned to offer better cooling and handle those 12-18 core Core i9 processors.

x299 micro 2 1

You’ll also notice two 8-pin EPS connectors and higher current MOSFETS. The larger VRM heatsink is cooled by a 40 mm fan as well. You also get an optional 6-pin PCI-Express power input, which will stabilize power delivery to your graphics cards.

x299 micro 2 2

You also get upgrades to the DDR4 memory slots and PCI-Express 3.0 slots, all of which are steel reinforced. EVGA has also redesigned the 802.11ac WIFI which is now pre-installed on the board and takes normal antenna.

x299 micro 2 3

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