EVGA No Longer Needs Its Queue System For GeForce RTX 30 Orders

All hail the crashed cryptocurrency, EVGA has enough inventory for GeForce RTX 30 which has eliminated the need for having a queue system to get orders in place. Before this, there was no other way one could purchase a custom RTX 30 graphics card without getting in the queue and then spending hours looking for the card in stock. EVGA queues system enabled the gamers to get their desired cards as soon as they were available in stock.


It is not unusual for gamers to wait in queues for months at a stretch, to see the card back in stock, however, this seemed to be the only way at times to get a good bargain from EVGA for a graphics card.

The GPU market has seen considerable ups and downs in the previous few months but despite that customers had to wait in queues to get their turns. The recent crypto crash is one of the reasons the companies can stock more cards in inventory and EVGA has started to eliminate the queue system for the RTX 30 Graphics Card. So much so that customers can now get their hands on even two cards without getting in the waiting line. Prior to this, one customer was only eligible for one card per purchase. The queue system has been removed for many RTX 30 cards but EVGA has decided to still keep it for some products which may be a little hard to ship.

evga rtx3080ti jpg

With the RTX 30 queue system gone, there is an indication of an improving trend in the market after it faced the longest GPU shortage. The next generation GPU launch is only a few months away and this explains why board partners such as EVGA are doing their best to manage to sell off as many Ampere cards as possible before they move on to the next architecture.

Via VideoCardz