EVGA Will Give Queue Priority To First Time  RTX 30 Series GPU Buyers

EVGA posted an update on their forum page for gamers who are interested in buying their RTX 30 Series. The update is expected to affect both the new and the gamers who have already made an RTX 30 purchase before.

EVGA Teaser

EVGA has decided to prioritize first-time users(to purchase RTX 30 GPU) of the EVGA’s queuing system over those who have already purchased it using the EVGA’s queuing system once. This limits the number of RTX 30 series GPUs purchased from a single account to one.

For those who have already purchased an RTX 30 card through EVGA’s queuing system before, one option is the use of a step-up program to upgrade to a better RTX 30 model, or else you can try your luck in an open market(quite expensive) such as Amazon and Newegg.

evga rtx 2070 super 1

Though the gamers waiting to make their second RTX 30 purchase may find this decision unfavorable for them, the comment sections on the EVGA’s forum page and Reddit gives us a picture that is quite opposite to the expected response. Most consumers have shown a very welcoming response to the process as it ensures equitable distribution of GPUs.

EVGA’s page currently shows all the cards “OUT OF STOCK.” This shows that there has been a large influx of new orders since the announcement.