EVGA X99 Micro Motherboard Review

Included Software & Features
One really neat feature of the X99 Mirco is that the debug LED actually acts as a live temperature monitor as well. So once your system is booted the debug LED will give you a read out of your CPU temperature.


EVGA includes their E-LEET tuning utility with this motherboard, well you have to download it. In order to download it you need to have an account on EVGA.com, which I don’t like. All other motherboard software normally comes on the included CD or can be downloaded from a manufacturers website without having to have an account.

The E-LEET tuning utility is more or less a glorified version of CPU-Z that also has an overclocking tab where you can adjust the BLCK and CPU frequencies. There is no adjustment at all for voltages or anythings else. I have to say this software is pretty bad compared to what other motherboard companies are offering with their motherboards.







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