EVGA Z170 Classified K Motherboard Review

Included Software & Features
When you are installing your motherboard you are going to want to install the I/O cover with it. This goes over your I/O ports and gives a very cool look to the motherboard. It uses the same mounting holes on your board be sure to not forget to install it as your are installing the board in your case. When you power your system on your will notice the LED trace for the audio components lights up red as well as the power button. The post code display will display the CPU temperature in real time once your system is fully booted. EVGA gives you the ability to turn all lights on the board in the BIOS.

EVGA Z170 Classified K Motherboard

EVGA does offer motherboard tuning and tweaking software in the form of their E-LEET tuning utility. It is basically a glorified version of CPU-Z with a few extra options. So it has most of the screens that CPU-Z does.


On the overclocking tab you can change the BCLK, core frequencies, and ring ratio. You also have the ability to turn Turbo Mode on or off.


On the Voltages tab you can set your voltages for Vcore, DRAM, PCH 1.0V, PCH 1.8V, VCCIO, and VSA.


On the Monitoring tab you can see all of your voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds in real time.


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