Expansion slots types for computer system

To insert an expansion card there is a slot on the motherboard which is known as anexpansion slot. Expansion card provides some extra characteristics like sound, video, advanced graphics, Ethernet or memory.  There is edge connector in expansion card which fit exactly into the slot. It is designed to set up an electrical linkbetween the electronics on the card and the motherboard.Depending upon the shape and size of the computer hardware, computer system usually can have one to seven expansion slots. You can install up to nineteen expansion cards with the help of backplane system. While talking about this technology, people often confuse it with a casino slot which is completely something different.

The first expansion card of slot-type was Altair 8800, which is added to themicrocomputer. For hardware simulation, the old expansion cards also have built-in hard disk cards, clock cards, calendar cards and compatibility cards.Usually, the opening of the expansion slot is on the back of a PC. It offers an electrical link to the motherboard for an expansion card. For extra security purpose,thebolts were used to attach the card to the slot.

As we know that one can internally expand their PC with the help of extra circuitry boards. So to plug this expansion card, there are different expansion slots on the motherboard. Without including options with the basic computer system you can expand your PC.

Here are the types of expansion slots your PC may have:

  1. PCI:

This is known as a peripheral component interconnects. This slot is the most general form of interior expansion for a computer system. It is used to enlarge the capabilities of the computer.  In laptops and mobile devices, it is used to connect storage device and wireless adapter.

  1. PCI Express:

It is one of the best types of expansion slot to have on your PC. This slot comes in high-speed series of computer expansion slot and is also written as PCIe. This type of expansion slot communicates with the motherboard and microprocessor in quick and efficient manner. It is designed to swap the older PCI slot. Some computer system has a mixture of PCI and PCI Express slots.

  1. AGP:

AGP stands for accelerated graphic ports and it is a speedy point to point channel. It is used to attach a video card to the computer system. You can solve the complex operations like texture mapping with the help of this AGP card because it can access the system memory. Do not confuse with casino slots because it is the expansion slot which was specially designed to deal with graphics adapters.

A variety of functions of Expansion cards:

  1. Sound card

Expansion cards work as sound card and it is known as audio output device, sound board, or audio card. It helps in producing the sound on computer which you can hear with the help of the Speaker or headphones.


  1. Video card

It is also known as display adapter, video adapter, video board, graphics card, or video controller. This card helps to create pictures on a display or we can say that you cannot see anything on the screen without this card.

Video card slots

  • S-Video connector.
  • VGA connector.
  • DVI connector.
  1. Modems

It is a hardware tool that helps to connect a PC to a broadband network. There are different types of modem available in the market like cable modem, DSL modem, dial-up modem and many more. With the help of dial up modem you can send and receive data through computer.

  1. Networkcard

It is also known as anetwork adapter and Ethernet card. This expansion card enables a computer system to connect to a network like a home network and many more. By using an Ethernet cable with an RJ-45 connector you can easily connect to the internet.

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