Explore The Big City With These Games

Tired of living in the country, want to hear the roar of traffic, feel the buzz of the big city? We’ve got some games that will help you with that. There are lots of people who are unhappy with their rural lifestyle but aren’t sure they’re quite ready to take the plunge into urban life. If you’re still feeling a little tentative too then playing a game can help you to make a decision.

Will you love the roaring fire engines of SimCity, the high-rises of Empire Reels, the bright lights of House Flipper, or would you rather hang around with the hay bales back at home after all? There’s only one way to find out.

Empire Reels

First up is a game that will appeal to anyone who loves a game that’s quick to pick up and still brilliant fun. New York is a dream destination for many, with the high-rise buildings, big yellow taxis, and dazzling lights, it’s surely got everything a city lover could dream of? Well, the Empire Reels team thinks so and has created a slots online title that celebrates everything that’s quintessentially New York. You’ll find slices of pizza on the reels, those taxis we mentioned, and even the Statue of Liberty. The music is reminiscent of the music you’d find in a swanky hotel lobby, but with the satisfying clinks and clunks of old-school slot machines.

You’ll also notice a backdrop of bright neon lights that really encapsulates the buzz of a big city. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled too for some of New York’s most famous buildings, although you don’t win any prizes for identifying them all correctly, you do deserve to feel pretty smug if you manage to.


The next game we have on the list is so great they’ve made it no less than four times. Sim City is available in all kinds of different variations, some of which will allow you to create natural disasters and wreak havoc on the cities that you create, one that will allow you to go inside the homes of your Sims to experience the city from their point of view. There’s another that will allow you to build the wonders of the world and a final game that will allow you to create vast regions of cities that can choose to compete or collaborate.

Some of the games are now available on Steam and the rest are available directly through EA. Whichever version of the game you like the sound of most, this game will certainly suit a strategic player the best. You’ll need to provide your cities with just the right amount of industrial, commercial, and residential land to ensure there are enough jobs, shops, and homes for everybody. With that out of the way, you’ll need to provide your sims with water, electricity, and somewhere to dispose of their rubbish.

Finally, as your city starts to grow you can work on creating an environment that any Sim would dream of living in. Building lush green spaces, investing in education, and ensuring the city’s safety with police and fire departments are what need to come next. It’s a big job, but as the new Mayor of SimCity, it’s up to you to get it done!

House Flipper

The Tokyo based houses are like stepping into the future

Finally, House Flipper is the right game for those who fancy themselves as, well, house flippers. This game allows you to buy derelict buildings, clean them up and renovate them for discerning clients. With their latest updates, you can take your business to Tokyo where you’ll find apartments that were previously owned by computer hackers, tech geeks, and even professional gamers.

These computer and gadget-filled apartments need serious renovations, but the views over the neon lights of Tokyo are more than worth the hard work. Plus, if you ever need a break from the big city then you can buy a shack out in the woods to renovate too, this game has got plenty of diversity.