First Development Studios Have Already Received Nintendo Switch Successor Dev Kit

Although the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch has not been unveiled yet, it appears that the console’s revelation is drawing nearer. This is evident as the initial batch of development studios have begun receiving development kits for the upcoming console from the Japanese company.

Nash Weedle, a credible leaker with a track record of accurate information, has recently confirmed the presence of a dev kit for the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor with a Spanish development studio. This development suggests a strengthening relationship between the unnamed studio and the company, and signifies that we are approaching the final stages before the console’s official reveal. Given Nash Weedle’s past leaks, it is highly probable that the Spanish studio in question is MercurySteam, known for their involvement in the recent 2D Metroid games.

IMG 6228

In recent discussions about the successor to the Nintendo Switch, notable mentions were made by Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa. He hinted that the transition to the next system could be facilitated by the Nintendo Account system, implying that the upcoming console will be compatible with the current Switch. Additionally, reports suggest that the new console from Nintendo will have comparable power to that of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This aligns with Nintendo’s long-standing approach of not prioritizing cutting-edge hardware for their consoles over the past few decades.