First Official Rembrandt APU Photo Released by AMD

AMD has released the first official photo of their upcoming Ryzen 6000 series APU. The picture was published via social media by AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su. This is the same chip that we saw leaked earlier. Codenamed Rembrandt, this 6nm APU will be the core part of the Ryzen 6000 mobile lineup and well as the desktop APU series in the future.

Rembrandt APU

Rumors have the Rembrandt APU having 8 cores and 16 threads, with some of the Ryzen 6000HX SKUs boosting up to 5.0 GHz. These will be the first Ryzen products to achieve this!

A new FP7 socket will be required for the new APU and it will support PCI-Express 4.0 as well as DDR5 memory.

Lisa Su is set to showcase the new APU tomorrow at AMD’s CES 2022 product premiere.

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