Specification And Pricing For Intel 12th Gen Core 65W Desktop CPUs Leaked

Intel is ready to introduce its 65W Alder Lake-S processors.

Intel 12th Gen Core Specs Pricing 1

According to some very interesting rumors the cheapest and most anticipated desktop Alder Lake CPU, the Core i5-12400F will be sold for 167 USD with the non-F model going for 192 USD.

Intel 12th Gen Core Specs Pricing 2

The company is introducing 22 new processors for the LGA1700 socket. The new processors will range from as much as 16 core to as low as 2 core implementations of the Performance cores, and in some cases also Efficient cores.

Intel Core 12600 12900 Performance

The Core i9-12900(F) is expected to be the most affordable SKU and is rumored to cost 489 USD/464 USD. It features Maximum Turbo Power going up to 202W which makes it the most powerful version.
On the other extreme of the 12th Gen Core series, stands the Celeron G6900 with 2 cores and a default TDP of 46W. This CPU is not expected to support Maximum Turbo Power.

Intel Core 12600 12900 Performance 2

The company is also announcing T-series CPUs with a default TDP of 35W.

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